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1 Williams Place Our Home on the Web
Welcome to our new address on the web, 1 Williams Place—a new address and a
new look.
   We hope you enjoy meeting our family and seeing a bit of the scenery along the
paths where we have lived and traveled. Here and there, you will find side roads and
trails to discover and enjoy. We have found in our travels that when we venture off
the beaten path, we many times find the most beautiful sights in nature and meet
some of the most interesting people.
   You will also find markers here and there that tell a bit more about us, about our
faith, our challenges, our joys, our times of refreshing, and the miracles which God
has wrought.
   Take time also to enjoy our Features page that links to some of our writings,
revelations, and interesting collections in our faith journey. We hope that you will be
able to benefit from things we have learned and that your life will be touched and
your faith increased.
   The door is open, so come on in, folks, and visit a spell. The site has evolved
since its origins, thanks to Nancy’s hard work and creativity. She is indeed the
mastermind behind all of the wonderful things you will see here.
      — DPW